BUF-3A Six Channel Auto-switching NMEA Buffer


Provides six isolated outputs and auto-switching from any two NMEA devices.

The BUF-3A provides six independent outputs and auto switching from any two standard NMEA 0183 sources.  Four outputs are set at the NMEA standard RS-422 signal level.  Two outputs are jumper selectable to either RS-422 or RS-232 for interface to a standard computer serial port.    Pluggable connectors are used for power input, NMEA inputs, and each NMEA output for ease of installation and troubleshooting.  LEDs are provided to indicate power input and NMEA inputs.

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Size:                        5.03” X 3.29” X 1.6”, 128mm X 84mm X 41mm

Weight:                  5.35 oz., 153g

Input:                     Standard NMEA 0183 RS-422, RS-485, TTL, or current loop, fully opto-isolated

Output:                  Six independently isolated RS-422 outputs, two can be selected for RS-232

Power:                   9-32V DC 150ma, fused and reverse polarity protected

Expandability:     Each output can drive three inputs if isolation is not required, additional units can also be cascaded for more outputs

Shielding:             Each output connector is provided with a grounded shield connection

Indicators:            LED to indicate power, flashing LEDs to indicate data inputs

Serviceability:      Each output has an independent output driver in a socket that is readily available and easily replaced.  The input opto-isolators are   also readily available and in sockets for easy replacement

NSN:                      5998016296316