Our Picklight-D circuit boards are made to be a drop in replacement for the EasyPick Dual PTD P/N APCB-CS126 circuit boards mady by Real Time Solutions/FKI Logistex/Honeywell Logistex.  Instead of having your old units repaired you can have our brand new boards for about the same price.  The new boards are redesigned to replace the old obsolete components with currently available and supported parts.

Our pushbuttons are very high quality pushbuttons that are tated for over 10,000,000 actuations.  Our keycaps are secure so they will not fall off and they are printed with larger and easier to read symbols.

We refurbish your old housings.  They are all cleaned and inspected before reuse.

We relocate the PCB mounting screw holes so they are secure and do not use the same locations in the housing which are commonly stripped out.

We use high quality jacks for secure connections.

Download a brochure here: Picklight Brochure

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